The HALO LOFT - The World's ONLY 28,500 - 30,000 ft HALO Tandem Skydive

Ben Kellogg H.A.L.O O2 Jump


One 28,500 ft plus HALO jump slot with organizer Ben Kellogg. Having participated in Day and Night H.A.L.O operations with since 2012, Ben received his Ghost rating with J.S.S.O.G / in 2015 and has performed several Military Freefall Tandems from altitudes between 28,500 ft and 30,000 ft. A tandem master at "Skydive Ricks" in Pennsylvania, Ben brings a wealth of skydiving experience to his High Altitude HALO jumps. Your in good hands when performing High Altitude Oxygen HALO jumps with Ben Kellogg. 

USPA-D 29818, Home DZ "Ricks" Petersburg, OH. USPA Coach, Video, S/L, IAD, TI, Pro.  HALO #329 / Ghost Rating. 3461 + Jumps / 927 Tandems. 

 This is for One Solo jump slot on the date organized by Ben Kellogg.