The HALO LOFT - The World's ONLY 28,500 - 30,000 ft HALO Tandem Skydive

Sgt. Neagle Ledet H.A.L.O O2 Jump


Neagle Ledet   Safety Officer / MFF JM (JM2)  17 years Parachuting experience, Sgt. JPSO (law enforcement), 83rd Basic Training Academy, Federal Nuclear Regulatory S.W.A.T. Training team member, Joint Services Special Operations Grp. Close Quarter Combat Instructor, Crime Scene Investigator, Emergency Boat training (Chase / Rescue), USPA Coach,  USPA Tandem Instructor, USPA Pro Rating, MFF/JM (Military Free Fall Jump master), 3200 + Jumps

 This is for One Solo jump slot on the date organized by Neagle Ledet.