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  • T-7 Chest Reserve (Airborne) WWII collectible by Dave Henderson

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    T-7 Chest Reserve (Airborne) WWII collectible by Dave Henderson    Sold as a collectible Only. Dave has several of these chest reserves. Contact Dave for panel colors and condition. Item will state "out of Stock" but Dave has plenty.

    To purchase this item and for questions email Dave at  or Call Dave between the hours of 10:30 AM  and 5:00 PM Mon-Fri at 302-672-0999.

    Here is a note from Dave:

     Here is a picture of one of my typical reserves. I have dozens of them some have been popped but 90% are still sealed in containers. I have no M.E.R.P.S just T7's and down. - Dave Henderson

    These will be great for Museum and Man Cave Displays as well as WWII reenactor's groups and Demo teams


    The T-7 parachute assembly was standardized on  March 13, 1944, but did not see service in-theater until late 1944. Although pack trays remained virtually identical to the T-5, the new single point release harness was introduced. The harness took a step away from the double layered Type VIII black dot webbing and instead used a thicker, single layer 5,000 lb Type X webbing.The earliest T-7s were manufactured with the OD painted hardware, but by early 1945, cadmium became standard.  At this time, a mixture of 4th and 5th model static line snap fasteners were used.The T-7 continued into the postwar era with numerous minor modifications. The T-7 soldiered on until its replacement by the T-10 in 1954.