The HALO LOFT - The World's ONLY 32,000 - 35,000 ft Tandem Skydive
  • 2 Tandem HALO Group Special offered Mon-Fri

    $7,400.00 $5,000.00

    Your adventurous life just got extreme.  This HALO Tandem special is for two jumpers on a single jump load. Your saving $2400.00 hundred dollars by purchasing this package so take your Wife, Son or Daughter, or your best friend, for an adventurous one of a kind day. 

    You'll be joining a small group of Extreme Adventurist by jumping from an altitude higher than Mt Everest. You and your H.A.L.O Tandem Master will enjoy a 2 minute plus freefall and see the planet from a new perspective that very few people ever get to see or experience. Included in your Extreme jump package - High Res pictures, jump video, a certificate of completion documenting your jump, your jumper number, exit altitude, freefall time, temp at exit and jump performance, as well as the current JSSOG Challenge Coin. 

    Pick your jump dates and contact us to confirm availability. Mon-Fri Only! 

    Contact Kevin at for details and to organize this extreme adventure.

    Note :Please book your return home flights or travel plans for the evening of the day following your scheduled jump. For example if your HALO jump is on a Monday book your return flights Tuesday evening or late afternoon. This is required to allow for weather and flight holds that can be unpredictable.   If you are unable to complete your jump due to having to meet a flight home, we will not issue a refund.  Thank you