The HALO LOFT - The World's ONLY 28,000 - 41,000 ft HALO Tandem Skydive
  • Military Discount - 28,000ft H.A.L.O O2 Tandem Skydive

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    Military Discounted Tandem H.A.L.O Jump (Skydive). Your already in a unique group by serving your country now your joining a small group of Extreme Adventurist by jumping from an altitude higher than Mt Everest.

    You and your H.A.L.O Tandem Master will enjoy a 2 minute plus freefall. Included in your Extreme jump package - High Res pictures, a jump video, a certificate of completion documenting your jump which includes your individual jumper number, exit altitude, freefall time, temp at exit and jump performance, as well as the current JSSOG Challenge Coin.

    All training and equipment is provided. Please contact Kevin at for additional info and to confirm your desired jump dates. Add "Extreme" to your already "Lean and Mean" 

    Thank you for Serving and continue to Climb High,

    Kevin Ho - MFFJM