The HALO LOFT - The World's ONLY 28,000 - 41,000 ft HALO Tandem Skydive
  • 28,000 ft. SOLO Halo skydive for license jumpers

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    28,000 ft High Altitude skydive. An HGU 55 helmet w/goggles, MBU/12 oxygen mask, bailout assembly, flight suit, High Altitude Altimeter, and Go pro wrist camera will be provided after your jump briefing and equipment fitting. You will receive your wrist cam jump video and a certificate of completion with all the jump information as well as your jump number, and a Challenge coin after completing your extreme jump. This jump is for Licensed USPA skydivers and licensed European skydivers. Skydiving rigs can be rented from the Drop zone. Please contact us at for additional information and jumper requirements. Solo oxygen HALO loads have 7 slots available and we require 6 filled slots for the plane to fly.

    Each solo load requires six (6) jumpers to GO / fly. An AAD is mandatory in your jump rig, no exceptions.   Climb High, Kevin Ho.