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  • H.A.L.O over Heaven and Hell - 32,000 ft Extreme Tandem

    $28,500.00 $22,000.00

    HALO over Heaven and Hell

    2021 Jump dates: Sept 17th - 22nd 
    (Please check the the jump schedule for additional dates)
    Jump Altitude: 32,000 feet 
    Base Location: Scotlyn Ranch
    Jump Type: Tandem Only

    In this amazing experience, you will exit the plane at 32,000 feet over the Heaven’s Gate Lookout located in the Seven Devils Mountain Range.  After over TWO MINUTES of free fall, your tandem instructor will deploy your parachute as you are passing the rim of Hells Canyon, the deepest gorge in America (2,000 feet DEEPER than the Grand Canyon!).  Once under canopy you will soar through the majestic canyon flying over the mighty Snake River, eventually landing at the Big Bar Airstrip in the bottom of the canyon.  But your adventure does not end there – there are no roads to the airstrip, the only way out is in a 1,000 horsepower jet boat and your boat pilot will have to navigate two sets of class five rapids and many class 3-4 rapids to get you back to Pittsburg Landing where you will be picked up by Scotlyn Ranch staff and driven back to the ranch.  The adventure includes a four night all-inclusive stay at Scotlyn Ranch, transportation to and from local airports and all food and beverages.  Training and fitting of gear will occur on the first afternoon and jumps will be conducted over the next three days, only one tandem jump is included per jumper. For additional information on Scotlyn Ranch visit Scotlynranch.com

    Price: $28,500 per jumper A deposit is required to reserve your slot (14,250.00)
    Limited to six jumpers per event.