The HALO LOFT - The World's ONLY 32,000 - 35,000 ft Tandem Skydive
  • KHo's 2020 Season Opening 32,000 ft Discounted HALO Tandem slot in Boise, Idaho. (JUNE 20-22)

    $14,000.00 $6,500.00

    Discounted for June 20th and 21st, 2020.  Our discounted HALO Oxygen jump at the opening of our HALO jump season in 2020 in Boise, Idaho. We only have 6 slots available so purchase your slot now to reserve your discounted Tandem HALO jump.  A savings of $7,500.00 dollars and the worlds ONLY 32,000 ft Extreme Tandem HALO Adventure too! 

     For assistance or additional information on discounts contact Kevin at

    Your going to join a rare and small group of Extreme Adventurists by jumping from an altitude higher than Mt Everest. You and your H.A.L.O Tandem Instructor will enjoy a 2 minute plus freefall. Whats included in your Extreme jump package - we will provide you with a hand mounted 4K camera to record your freefall, your raw jump video, a certificate of completion documenting your jump, a jumper number, exit altitude, freefall time, temp at exit and jump performance, and the Famous Challenge coin. (Its one of a kind)

    Due to this HUGE discount We require 3 Tandems on the plane for the plane to fly, Tandem jumper must purchase travel insurance, and the jump ticket is non-refundable.

    You are responsible for your airfare and hotel accommodations.

    Contact Kevin at for details. 

    Note : Please book your return home flights or travel plans for the evening of the day following your scheduled jump. For example if your HALO jump is on a Monday book your return flights Tuesday evening or late afternoon. This is required to allow for weather and flight holds that can be unpredictable.   If you are unable to complete your jump due to having to meet a flight home, we will not issue a refund.  Thank you