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  • IDAHO State Record Tandem HALO oxygen jump from 34,000 ft.

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    The Ultimate Tandem HALO Experience - Setting a High Altitude State record....Wow!

    Halojumper.com is offering High Altitude or "Absolute" State Record O2 Tandem jumps for the 2022 Jump season: This one is for IDAHO!  The Idaho “State Record” Tandem Jump date is available now. Set the Record for Yourself, your Company and Brand, or for your Charity.

    All equipment is provided to complete this record jump but you must be an "A" type personality, and be in good health. Sponsored jumpers are welcome and all participants will be included in any media packages prior to and upon completion of this High Altitude State Record Tandem Oxygen Jump. For additional information or to organize a record jump in your home state contact Kevin at Jumpmaster@halojumper.com 
    Location: Boise, Idaho
    Exit / Jump Altitude: 34,000 feet MSL. 
    Jump platform: Fixed Wing 
    Jumper Category: Tandem
    O2 assembly : High altitude - 100% Positive pressure diluter demand Bailout assembly certified to 35,000 ft (Phaos), and 50,000 ft (American Safety Flight Systems}
    Just Think….Your joining an elite and small group of extreme adventurer's when you exit at 34,000 ft in the sky's over Boise, Idaho. Exiting the aircraft several thousand feet higher than Mt. Everest, and a free-fall over two minutes, you'll be joining a handful of people that have ever experienced skydiving from this extreme altitude.  Along with the fact that your going to be the only Tandem Jumper on the planet at that altitude and your going to establish a Idaho State Tandem Record this is a once in a lifetime extreme experience.    
    Training and fitting of gear will occur on the day before the jump date and your record jump will be conducted the next day.
    Please contact us at Jumpmaster@halojumper.com for complete details on jump logistics and pricing.
    Record altitudes above 34,000 ft are available as well in fixed wing, as well as the Balloon categories. Please contact us for logistics and pricing for higher altitudes.
    Live the Dream / Jump Extreme 
    Set a Record for yourself, for your Brand, For your Charity.
    Climb High, Fall safe
    KHo - HJM