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  • Ultimate Scotlyn Ranch Experience - 32,000 ft Extreme Tandem

    $22,500.00 $19,500.00

    The Ultimate HALO Scotlyn Ranch Experience

    2021 Jump dates: May 18th-21st is "Sold Out"

    Sept 17th - Sept 20th has three Open Slots
    Jump Altitude: 32,000 feet
    Base Location: Scotlyn Ranch
    Jump Type: Tandem

    Platform: Fixed wing

    Four days of exciting adventure!  In addition to your HALO experience, you can experience all that Scotlyn Ranch has to offer – from the Extreme ATV Canyon adventure to fly fishing, wildlife photo safaris, and more.  The adventure includes a four night all-inclusive stay at Scotlyn Ranch, transportation to and from local airports and all food and beverages.  Training and fitting of gear will occur on the first afternoon and jumps will be conducted over the next three days, only one tandem jump is included per jumper.

    Price: $22,500 per tandem jumper
    Limited to six Tandems per event.

    Please contact Scott at Scott@scotlynranch.com for additional details.