Halojumper.com - 30,000 to 35,000 ft Solo / Wingsuit/ Tandem Skydives

H.A.L.O / H.A.H.O Equipment Rental

We currently offer complete high altitude Oxygen systems for individual record attempts or media  props.  Our systems are serviced annually and all O2 tanks / bottles meet the annual Visual Inspections and 5 year Hydro testing and certifications as required by DOT AL3. All of our Oxygen assemblies are  Positive Pressure Diluter Demand systems ensuring the safest high altitude HALO / HAHO 100% oxygen delivery systems available.  Our current six man O2 console, mask, and bailout assembly / equipment for rent is certified to 50,000 ft. Our *PHAOS systems are rated or certified to 35,000 ft.  Please contact us for logistical and equipment assistance at Jumpmaster@halojumper.com.

Climb high / Fall safe

*We currently do not rent our Phaos consoles or Bottle assemblies, they are reserved for our current high altitude jump operations.  All prices are weekly rates (1-7 days).

Hgu 55/p Helmet  $550.00  

MBU 12/ O2 mask  $300.00

MBU 20/ HALP o2 mask  $600

EES tactical Goggles   $80.00

Airox VIII Positive Pressure Diluter Demand regulator   $1500.00

Twin 22 O2 bailout bottle assembly    $1800.00

Twin 55 O2 bailout assembly   $1800.00

O2 block and adaptor    $150.00

O2 Satchel       $60.00

Six man console w/hose set     $3,000.00

Mc-5 Parachute assembly   $1200.00

MC-4 Parachute assembly    $ 1500.00

Reserve re-pack    $150.00 (cost)

Nomex Flight suit    $50.00

Flight gloves     $22.00

Kit bag    $30.00

S.A.R.P.E.L jump bag      $60.00

Ruck Attachment straps (2)    $50.00

Ruck / jump bag H- Harness     $30.00

Military Tandem parachute assembly   $2200.00

Night Vision PS14    $2300.00

Navigation board (forearm mount) $800.00

Equipment wrangler $350.00 (per day)

Location fee (per day) 10,000 per week

Onsite jump fee with full O2 kit 148.00 per jump to 14,000 ft

Delivery and or shipping fees are additional. Deposits and Insurance on all equipment will be required.

Rentals for Conus only due to ITAR restrictions on certain components.

Jumpmaster@halojumper.com for additional information.

 Average cost to outfit 1 Jumper – $4752.00  w/o Parachute assembly.    $6252.00 with parachute assembly. 

Does not include 100% o2 Console and hose set.