Halojumper.com - 30,000 to 35,000 ft Solo / Wingsuit/ Tandem Skydives

Purchase Policy:

Note 1: Payment must be in full prior to being manifested or placed on a load.

Note 2: Payment can be made by PayPal in The HALO LOFT Online Store, or Call us at 504-453-7222 and pay by phone with your credit card.. Please contact us at jumpmaster@halojumper.com for the mailing address.

Note 3: Payment for Jumps schedule less than 30 days out must be PAID IN FULL!


Tandem HALO jumpers must be in generally good health, have NOT had eye surgery 1 year prior to the scheduled jump date. Have NOT had a collapsed lung (pneumothorax) six months prior to the scheduled jump date. Have the strength toBe to lift their legs to their chest (landings).

Licensed Skydivers must have a U.S.P.A "B" license and be current.  Be in good health have not had a collapsed lung, eye surgery, or given blood prior to their scheduled jump date. Have their own skydiving rig w/AAD and an in-date reserve. All reserves must have been re-packed by a U.S. F.A.A licensed Rigger.

Refunds will be issued if the jump is cancelled due to bad weather, staff illness, or a mechanical failure of the aircraft resulting in the "grounding" of the jump plane. All jumpers must allow for a 24 hour "bad weather" day.


If you are unable to jump on your scheduled date and must cancel, we require a three (3) week notice of cancellation sent either by email or Phone call.

A full refund of your payment will be mailed to you within 15 business days or sooner from receipt of your cancellation. Should we not receive notification by the required cancellation date all monies are hereby forfeited for refund but you will be able to re-schedule your jump. Jump Fees are non-transferable to another person for any reason.

Jumps loads that do not reach the required 5 solo jumpers will be canceled and a full refund will be issued. The cancellation determination will occur 10 working days prior to the jump date and will be determined by the jumpmaster.

Tandem Jumps that are canceled due to bad weather or the aircrafts in-ability to fly due to weather, mechanical failure, pilot illness, etc. will not be refunded, They will be re-scheduled. We do Not reimburse any travel expenses you incurred.

Please note: that skydiving is reliant on good weather, mechanically sound Aircraft, and healthy staff and that Halojumper.com has your safety and enjoyment of this unique and extreme adventure as top priority. If the jumpmaster feels that any of these areas becomes unsafe or needs repair then he reserves the right to cancel the HALO jump and will re-schedule the jump. Re-scheduling will only occur after all safe options and corrections have been exhausted by the Jumpmaster.

J.S.S.O.G / Halojumper.com strongly recommends purchasing travel insurance especially for our international adventurists. There are several travel insurance companies out there so please Google travel insurance and review the different coverages, etc.

 Several of our past jumpers have purchased their travel insurance with Travel Guard. Travel Guards website is http://www.travelguard.com 

There are no exceptions to these policies. Sorry