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  • Clyde Morgans (French Papillion) MC-3 Parachute System / Jump-able Collectible

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    The MC-3 canopy assembly (Figure A-1) is a 24-foot MFF back-type parachute that deploys manually or automatically. The canopy is aerodynamically designed with 17 vents in the rear and 4 turn slots on each side. The turn slots are louvers of the canopy material and protrude above the normal canopy curvature. Control lines, ending in toggles located on the rear of the front risers, are attached to the turn slots. Manipulation of these toggles controls the volume and direction of airflow through the turn slots, allowing variation in the direction, forward speed, and rate of descent of the canopy. This MC-3 rig and T-10 "unmodified" chest reserve have been maintained by a FAA master rigger.

    The "Papillion" was the French version of the Para Commander. These type of rounds were called "Lemoigne" parachutes named after a Frenchman who invented the principle. The principle is to "pull down" the center of the round parachute with a center line to create more "pressure" and add a range of small openings in the panels. The effect is better glide, quicker turns. These parachutes were actually not even perfectly "round". Probably the first step towards the principle of flying "wings" instead of "dropping" in a silk parachute. 
    The "Papillion" was very popular in Europe and there was a Czech version of the lemoigne type and a Russian version. The american versions were the Para Commander, SF MC-3 and the Competition Para Commander (CPC).  

    Please contact Clyde Morgan at : jbigmorgan@aol.com or morganoutdoors@aol.com or 601-825-3971 for additional information and to arrange purchase and shipping.  Conus ONLY....NO international sales or shipping, Sorry.