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  • Ben Kelloggs 32,000 ft Wingsuit HALO jump for 2021

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    Halojumper.com Load organizer Ben Kellogg of "Skydive Ricks" has reserved a High Altitude HALO jump for Wingsuit jumpers in May or 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada. This jump will have the equipment fitting and jump briefing on Sunday at 12:00 Noon with the 32,000 ft HALO jump the next day (Monday). The actual jump date will be finalized by March 31st, 2021. There will be one load with six slots available. Come join Ben and participate in this extreme jump.

    Please note that All Six Slots must be sold for this load to fly.

     You can also contact Kevin at jumpmaster@halojumper.com for jump details. Or purchase your solo slot now and take advantage of the discount. This is a first come first serve jump and requires 6 extreme jumpers for the load to fly.  Come get high in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    Climb High/Fall Safe