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  • Nevada State Record Wingsuit HALO jump from 34,000 ft W/ Ben Kellogg


    Halojumper.com Load organizer Ben Kellogg of "Skydive Ricks" has Organized and Reserved a High Altitude State Record HALO jump from 34,000 ft for Wingsuit jumpers in 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Going for distance, time aloft, High altitude formation, you name it, you'll be able to go for it.  The altitude record will be official and set, anything else is up to the flyer. This jump will have the equipment fitting and jump briefing on Sunday at 12:00 Noon with the 34,000 ft. HALO jump the next day (Monday). Sponsorships, outside media, is encouraged but must be approved by the Halojumper.com staff prior to the jump. The actual jump date will be finalized and posted on the "Jump Schedule". There will be one load with five slots available. Come join Ben and participate in this extreme State Record Wingsuit jump. Jumpers will receive the Official Haloumper.com State Record certificate, Jump briefing and equipment fitting video footage as well as the jump footage from the 4K hand-cam provided to each jumper. All jumpers will be invited to participate in all aspects of the media package built around this state record jump. Blogs, social media outlets, local and national news, etc.   

    Please note that All five Slots must be sold for this load to fly. "Absolute" Altitude record will be shared by the group. Time aloft, Distance, formation will be unique to each jumper and will be filed according to each jumpers verified individual stats. We will assist with all USPA record submissions. Our aircraft has a certified operational ceiling of 35,000 ft. Higher record altitudes are available for negotiation.

     Location: Las Vegas: Nevada.

    Exit Alt: 34,000 ft MSL

    Jump platform: Fixed Wing 

    Jumper Category: Wingsuit - Licensed Solo 

    Our "Wingsuit" Oxygen system is a "Positive Pressure Diluter Demand" O2 assembly which provides no less than 45 minutes of 100% Oxygen to the flyer after exiting the aircraft.  Super Safe, Super Cool...

    You can also contact Kevin at jumpmaster@halojumper.com for jump details. This is a first come first serve jump and requires 5 extreme jumpers for the load to fly.  Come get high in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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