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2022 Oriskany Jump and Dive Tandem HALO or HAHO slot "SOLD OUT"!


One Tandem Slot for the October, 2022 USS Oriskany Jump and Dive. 1 HALO / 2 Dives. You'll jump from 28,000 ft, your jump will be over Pensacola Bay and after landing on the beach, you'll board a private dive boat charter and travel 22 miles offshore to the worlds Largest man made reef the "USS Oriskany" and make 2 dives on the sunken Aircraft Carrier. Must be a Certified Diver. All equipment and training provided for you to complete this unique extreme Sky-Diving adventure. Previous skydiving experience NOT required.  Airfare is Not included. Hotel IS included (2 day 3 nights) Transportation to the Drop Zone is provided - Transportation from airport to Hotel NOT included.  Adventure requires 6 participants, failure to reach the required number of participants will result in a full refund.  Cutoff or  Deadline is August 1st to purchase your Jump & Dive ticket.