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  • Nevada State record - Las Vegas Solo Slot - 32,000 ft O2 HALO jump. (7 slots)

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    The Ultimate Solo HALO Experience - Setting a High Altitude State record....Wow!

    Halojumper.com is offering High Altitude or "Absolute" State record O2 jumps for the 2021 Jump season: This one is for NEVADA!.  The Nevada State Record Jump date will be released in late May 2021. 

    Exit / Jump Altitude: 32,000 feet MSL.  All equipment is provided to complete this record jump but you must be an "A" type personality, jump your own parachute assembly complete with an in-date reserve , an AAD,

    and be in good health. Sponsored jumpers are welcome and all participants will be included in any media packages prior to and upon completion of this High Altitude State Record Oxygen Jump. 

    7 slots available.  5 paid slot required to fly. Licensed Skydivers Only.

    Location: Las Vegas: Nevada.

    Jump platform: Fixed Wing 

    Jumper Category: Licensed Solo  

    For additional information or to organize a record jump in your home state contact Kevin at Jumpmaster@halojumper.com 

    Your going to join an elite and small group of extreme adventurer's when you exit at 32,000 ft above Las Vegas. With a free-fall over two minutes and and a view that very few have ever seen in skydiving, your going to be the only jumpers on the planet at that altitude and to top it off your going to set the Nevada State Record.  Training and fitting of gear will occur on the the day before the jump date and jump will be conducted the next day. Only one solo jump is included per jumper.  

     $8,750.00 per slot

    This state record load has 7 solo slots available but we required 5 sold slots for the load to fly..and we strongly advise that jumpers purchase "cancelled for any reason" travel insurance.  Please feel free to contact the Jumpmaster with any questions or to get additional information. Slot is Non-refundable - however if we do not make the required five jumpers 10 working days prior to the jump date, the load will be rescheduled or you will be given the option to join a jump at a later date.

    AADs are Mandatory and please read the Jump requirements on our home page. Sorry, no Wingsuits on this load.   See our "Wingsuit" loads under solo jumps.

    A Halojumper.com State record certificate will be provide as well as a copy of the record application sent to the USPA, you will receive a copy of your raw jump video from the provided 4k hand cam as well as training footage, and the Official Halojumper.com challenge coin is included in your jump ticket. 

    Record altitudes above 32,000 ft are available as well . Please contact us for logistics and pricing for higher altitudes.

    Climb High/Fall Safe